Sunday, January 17, 2016

Leah's Snow Day - A Photoshoot - Part One

Hey everyone!
Sorry for not posting for a week-ish! LOL! But now I am back and I still need to show you all what I got for Christmas...I think I might just make a lot of separate posts featuring all of the things I got.:)
But here is part one of my promised photoshoot of Leah in the snow!:)
It was really interesting taking pictures in the snow, because I have minimal experience with it and I had to figure out how the snow reflects and the best way to face your doll concerning the sun. So these pictures are very experimental, but I think some of them turned out well.:D 
I edited this one.:) I love how the trees look. 

Leah kept having this one string of hair fall out on her face and, in some pictures, I think it ruins it! Ugh, problems of a doll photographer.XD 

There was this cute little holly bush that my mom pointed out.:) 

I loved this wall of green rocks with snow on it, it made such a cool scene.:) 

I love this picture, Leah's hair looks so nice.;) 

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I had a really fun time in the snow, I wish I could have stayed up there forever!:D
Part two should be up tomorrow or so.:)

OH! And guess what's coming back?
I took such a long break in between stories, I am so sorry! It's been more than a year!
I am hoping that it'll be back within the next couple weeks, so if you haven't been viewing my blog for a long time or if you do not remember TAUT (I wouldn't blame you if you don't!;D) I would recommend going back in my archives to December 2014 (I think) and reread it to get acquainted to the characters.:D
Well, I think that's it!;D


  1. Great pictures, Emma! Leah looks really cute in those pants, and she looks so pretty in the snow!

  2. *gasps* TAUT is coming back?!? I went back and read it a while ago, and I'm so excited that there will be more! :D
    Leah is gorgeous! I loved the pictures. :)

    1. LOL! Oh yay!:D Thank you!:)

  3. I was like, TAUT. Uh.... Talkative Animals Under Trees. No, that's not it. I really should remember....

    I totally understand about the breaks, because look at ~Lost~.

    BTW, I love dolls ad snow, so I *loved* this photo shoot.

    1. LOL! Oh my gosh!XD No, it's okay, it was forever ago.;) Thanks!:)

    2. Teenagers Against Unstoppable Tyrants makes MUCH more sense.

  4. I love dolls and snow, the pictures of Leah by the rocks are cute :)

  5. Her outfit is super cute!